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Application for registration in the company list of the Lower Saxony Chamber of Architects (partnership company)

The Lower Saxony Architects Act (NArchtG) regulates the use of the professional titles "Architect", "Interior Architect", "Landscape Architect" and "Urban Planner" on behalf of a partnership company/partnership company mbB. One of the above-mentioned professional titles may only be held by the company if it is entered in the company list at the Chamber of Architects or is entitled to hold the professional title as a foreign company. The same applies to word combinations with one of the job titles (e.g. architectural group) and similar phrases (e.g. architectural office).

Several conditions must be met for the entry of a professional company on the company list.

PartG mbB differs from PartG by its liability regulations, Section 8 (4) of the PartGG.

The company may also be entered on the company list with the addition of "free-standing" if all shareholders and persons authorised to manage the company are independent.

(Section 16 (3) in accordance with Section 10 (2) NArchtG).

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Linie6PLus)

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