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Prostitution activity Notification of the installation of a prostitution vehicle

The permit to operate a prostitution vehicle must be applied for at the competent authority.

§ 12 Abs. 4 Prostituiertenschutzgesetz (ProstSchG):
The operation of a prostitution vehicle requires the permission of the competent authority. Permission is only granted for a limited period of time.
The permit can be extended on request.

§ 12 Abs. 4 Prostituiertenschutzgesetz (ProstSchG):
Permission to operate a prostitution vehicle is granted for a specific vehicle with a specific equipment.

If the conditions are met, there is a legal claim to the granting of a permit to operate a prostitution vehicle.

Process flow

The granting of a permit requires an application:

  • Submit an application to the competent authority using the required forms, accompanied by the necessary documents.
  • The submitted documents will be checked for completeness and conclusiveness.
  • If necessary, documents will be requested.
  • If necessary, a local appointment will be arranged.
  • A personal interview is arranged on a regular basis.
  • If all conditions are met, permission will be granted. The applicant receives the permit notice.

Otherwise, a rejection notice will be issued.


Legal capacity of the applicant.
According to §§ 14,15 ProstSchG, the applicant or the person designated as deputy or manager must have the necessary reliability. As a rule, the required reliability is not given if the person fulfils a characteristic listed in §15 paragraph 1 ProstSchG.
According to § 16 paragraph 1 ProstSchG, the operating concept must describe the essential characteristics of the operation of a prostitution vehicle and the precautions for compliance with the obligations under this Act.
§ 16 paragraph 2 ProstSchG lists the essential aspects that are to be explained in the operating concept.

Which documents are required?

For a permit according to § 12 paragraph 4 Prostitute Protection Act according to § 12 paragraph 5 Prostitute Protection Act, the following documents must be attached to the application:

1. the operating concept,

2. the data relating to the vehicle;

3. the other necessary documents and information to prove the existence of the permit requirements, and

4. Name, date of birth and address of the person for whom the licence is sought or, in the case of a legal person or association of persons, their business name, address, number
of the register sheet in the commercial register and its registered office.

What are the fees?

Cost framework: Administration fee EUR 500 – 4000 Euro
If applicable, delivery expenses

Processing duration

Depending on the examination effort (a few days to a few weeks after submission of all documents)

Applications / forms

Forms: yes
Online procedure possible: yes
Written form required: yes
Personal appearance necessary: usually yes


The decision issued in response to the application for a permit indicates the further procedure for filing an objection.


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