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Take the proficiency test for financial investment intermediaries

If you would like to broker financial investments on a commercial basis in return for a commission from the issuer, you must prove your expertise in order to obtain the permit. You can do this by taking the exam at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Depending on the product category, the test is divided into three areas:

  • Open-ended financial investments
  • Closed-end financial assets
  • Investing assets

The exam consists of a written and a practical part. They must be filed one by one. In the written part of the exam, you must demonstrate the necessary legal and technical knowledge, for example with regard to consumer rights and technical terms. In the practical part, you will have to conduct a simulated customer consultation.

You do not have to meet any formal requirements to register for the exam, but you should prepare intensively in terms of content for successful participation.

In terms of content, the proficiency test for financial investment intermediaries corresponds to the expertise test for fee-based financial investment advisors.If you have completed vocational training or a degree in banking and finance, this may be recognised instead of the proficiency test

Process flow

You can only take part in an exam after prior registration.

  • The Chamber of Industry and Commerce will provide information about the details of the examination procedure, place and time in good time before the examination
  • You will first take the written exam
  • If you have passed the written exam, the practical exam will take place

After successful examination, you will receive a certificate of your expertise


No special requirements

Which documents are required?

Government-issued photo ID for identification during the exam

What are the fees?

There are costs. The exact amount can be found in the fee schedule of the local Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

What deadlines do I have to pay attention to?

  • Please note the registration deadlines of your local Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • Proven expertise is valid for life

Processing duration

You will normally receive the certificate within a few days of passing the exam.

Applications / forms

  • Registration form depending on the specifications of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • Online procedure: no
  • Written form requirement: no
  • Personal appearance required: yes, for examination



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