Travel Industry Approval of Exceptions to Prohibitions

In the travel industry, the following activities are prohibited:

  • Sales of
    • Toxins and toxic goods
      • Exception: Orders for plant protection products, pesticides and wood preservatives for which a test certificate with a test mark has been issued in accordance with building regulations
    • Fracture shatter, medical body bandages, medical support devices and bandages, orthopaedic footrests, glasses and eyeglasses
      • Exception: Protective goggles and ready-to-read goggles
    • electromedical devices, including electronic hearing aids
      • Exception: Devices with direct heat exposure
    • Securities, lottery tickets, subscription and share certificates on securities and lottery tickets
      • Exception: Sale of lottery tickets under approved lotteries for charitable purposes on public roads, streets or squares or other public places
    • Fonts distributed under assurance of premiums or profits
  • bids and the purchase of
    • Precious metals (gold, silver, platinum and platinum by-metals) and alloys containing precious metals in all forms, as well as goods with precious metal fabrics
      • Exception: Silver jewellery up to a retail price of 40.00 euros and goods with silver editions
    • gemstones, gemstones and synthetic stones as well as pearls
  • Offering alcoholic beverages with the exception of
    • Beer and wine in tightly sealed containers
    • alcoholic beverages from home-made products of viticulture, agriculture or fruit and horticulture
    • Purchase of alcohol for the production of liqueurs and spirits from fruit, plants and other agricultural raw materials in which the raw materials are not fermented themselves
    • alcoholic beverages administered for on-the-spot use by a permanent establishment for consumption on the spot during and for the duration of an event
  • Conclusion and brokerage of repurchase transactions (pawnbroker) and the brokerage of loan transactions for the borrower in return

Exceptions to these prohibitions may be allowed on a case-by-case basis. These must be requested from the competent body.

If you want to do a travel business, you always need a permit, a so-called travel business card.

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