State recognition as an investigative body for water and waste surveillance: application

Anyone who has state recognition may be used as an investigative body in the context of water and waste surveillance.

The recognition is governed by the Ordinance on State-recognised investigating bodies for water and waste surveillance (AbwUStV ND 1995). The regulation is the legal instrument for the privatisation of environmental analytical tasks while ensuring a high level of quality.

The general requirements for the competence, the proof of competence and the notification of test and calibration laboratories are based on the STANDARD EN ISO/IEC 17025 and the speciale modules water and waste.

The possibility of state recognition currently extends to the investigation of

  • Wastewater in the context of the
    • official entry-conductor monitoring in accordance with Section 125 of the Lower Saxony Water Act (NWG)
    • Indirect conductor monitoring in accordance with Section 98 paragraph 2 NWG
  • groundwater, leachate and surface water in the
    • Landfill monitoring in accordance with Section 44 of the Lower Saxony Waste Act (NAbfG)
  • sewage sludge and soil during the execution of the
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