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Organising a weekly market fixing

When a weekly market is organised, it is necessary to fix the competent body, provided that the so-called market privileges (e.B. exemption from restrictions on the right to open shops, exemption from the provisions of the Trade Code on standing and travel, relaxation of working time regulations, especially on Sundays and public holidays, and certain restrictions on the right to work for young people) are sought for this event.

A determination entitles the respective event to be held. In the case of the fixing of a weekly market, the fixing obliges the organising person to carry it out.

The determination shall govern the subject matter, place, time and opening hours of the events concerned.

Information on the possibility of setting several events at the same time or one event on a permanent date shall be provided by the competent authority.

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  • Organisation of a year or special market
  • Organisation of a trade fair, exhibition or wholesale market

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Linie6PLus)

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