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Craft role Registration of trade subject to authorisation

If you want to run a craft that is subject to registration as a so-called standing trade, you need to be registered in the craft roll. The commercial sector includes any commercial enterprise (even without a commercial establishment) whose activity is not attributable to the travel industry or market traffic.

A trade establishment is a craft enterprise which is subject to authorisation and comprises a trade listed in Appendix A to the Crafts Code (HwO) or activities which are essential to that trade (essential activities).

In principle, only the craft which is subject to authorisation which has been registered may be exercised. Where several craft crafts subject to authorisation are carried out, each of these craft crafts subject to authorisation must normally be entered in the craft role.

If you are engaged in a craft subject to authorisation, you may also carry out work in other craft trades subject to authorisation, provided that there is a technical or technical link or an economic complement between the craft carried out and the other craft subject to authorisation and that the work in the registered craft predominates.

Only the registration in the craft role , not already the application – entitles to the practice of the craft. The entry in the craftsman's roll is connected with the issuance of a craft card (trade card). With this card you can later legitimize yourself as a registered craftsman.

Annex A List of trades which can be practised as craft trades subject to authorisation (Section 1(2))

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Linie6PLus)

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