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Activities with pathogens Change indicator

Anyone who has already obtained a permit to work with pathogens and has indicated that the activity has been started for the first time is obliged to notify the competent authority without delay if:

  • significant changes in the nature and scope of the activity, the nature of the premises and facilities or the disposal measures,
  • terminates the activity with pathogens, or
  • activity with pathogens is resumed.

Even if there is no authorisation requirement, changes in the activity must be indicated.

Excluded from the authorisation requirement are persons who carry out microbiological examinations for diagnostics in their own patients. These are, for example,

  • Doctors,
  • dentists and dentists as well as
  • Veterinarians.

Anyone who works under the supervision of a person who has a permit or is exempt from the authorisation requirement does not have to indicate a change in the activity.

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Human Infectious Diseases Act (IfSG)

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Linie6PLus)

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