Commercial registration

A trade is any non-socially unsocial, independent, permanent and profit-generating activity carried out in its own name and on its own account.

The trades do not include:

  • socially unworthy activities, e.g. clairvoyant,
  • primary production, e.g. agriculture and forestry,
  • professions, e.g. doctors, lawyers, tax consultants,
  • the management of own assets (unless it is a company registered in the commercial register).

The commencement of an independent establishment of the standing trade or the establishment of a branch or an independent branch must be notified to the competent authority at the same time as the start.

Advertisements are required for trades operated by:

  • Professionals (natural persons)
  • Partnerships (each partner/partner authorised to represent a partnership is notifiable)
  • in the case of legal entities, the legal entity itself (GmbH, AG)
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