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Application for a determination of the equivalence of rescue training completed abroad for EU and third-country nationals

The use of the job title "emergency paramedic" is regulated in Germany.

This means that the job title may only be used with a state permit. The permit entitles you to use the job title "emergency paramedic" and to work as such. The permit must be applied for.

The professional title "emergency paramedic" is regulated in Germany and is therefore subject to legal regulations. This means that this profession may only be practiced with a state permit, which entitles you to use the professional title "emergency paramedic" and to work as such.

If you have a foreign, comparable degree and want to work as an emergency paramedic in Germany, this is possible with the help of a recognition procedure. Accordingly, you can apply for a state permit from the competent authority. If you are entitled to immigrate to Germany, you can also apply from abroad.

You must apply for the permit from the competent authority.

Once you have submitted the application and all documents are complete, the competent authority will check whether you meet all the requirements.

If you meet all the requirements, you will receive the permit.

You may only start working once you have received the permit.

  • Acceptance of the application for a declaration of equivalence of training in rescue services completed abroad
  • Forwarding of the application for review to a technical college (acts on a voluntary basis), if necessary forwarding to the ZAB (Central Office for Foreign Education)
  • Notification of the results of the review
  • Issuance of the cost assessment notice for the preparation of the expert opinion
  • Depending on the result: Procedure for granting the professional license as an emergency paramedic, if necessary determination of equivalence to the paramedic otherwise processing of the defects found in the report

You must have completed the prescribed training period and passed the state examination. Regardless of the date of the state examination, the training lasts three years full-time and a maximum of five years part-time.

In addition, you must have the character and health suitability to practice the profession and sufficient German language skills to obtain the permit.

Applicants must live in Lower Saxony or provide credible proof (by presenting a job start of work) to work in Lower Saxony

  • Vocational qualification
  • personal suitability
  • health suitability
  • Knowledge of the German language
  • Proof of identification in the form of an officially certified photocopy
  • Proof of completion of the prescribed training period and passing the state examination / state supplementary examination
  • an official certificate of good conduct of document type OE for submission to the authorities, not older than 3 months at the time the permit is issued. The certificate of good conduct can be requested from the Citizens' Registration Office or the Residents' Registration Office.
  • Medical certificate of fitness to practice the profession, not older than 3 months at the time the permit is issued
  • Confirmation that you have the necessary knowledge of the German language to carry out the job (certificate of language proficiency of at least level B2 and - if available - photocopies of the last job references)
  • an extract from the register of your local registration authority (registration certificate)
  • or if you do not yet have a place of residence in Lower Saxony, documents are required that prove the seriousness of your declaration of intent to work in Lower Saxony (e.g. job applications, letters of application or contact with a commissioned recruitment agency);
  • a curriculum vitae in tabular form;
  • Your birth or marriage certificate in your native language and in German;
  • Your identity card or passport
  • Your diploma(s) in your native language and in German;
  • detailed overviews showing the theoretical and practical subjects, grades and the number of hours of your training (e.g. attachment(s) to the diploma), in your native language and in German;
  • detailed overviews of the internships completed during your training (with details of the internship facilities, job characteristics, period, hours/day);
  • if professional experience is available in the profession learned: job references, official certificates or workbooks incl. detailed task description of the professional experience gained
  • Declaration of consent for data storage
  • Proof of German language skills level B2

Is based on the respective administrative fee schedule of the federal state or on the fee statutes of the authorities responsible under federal state law.

Fee: 100,00 - 600,00 EUR
Payment in advance: No

Permission can only be granted if the documents have been received in full and there are no grounds for exclusion with regard to personal suitability.

If the documents are complete, your application will be processed promptly.

Processing Time: 6 - 32 Weeks
A determination of equivalence is carried out by technical schools on a voluntary basis, depending on the free capacity. If necessary, the involvement of the ZAB is required after an indeterminable period of time, where experience has shown that the processing can take several months

Appeal (appeal may be excluded depending on national law), administrative court action

  • In advance, you should contact the Central Service Centre for Professional Recognition (for applicants still living abroad) or the IQ Network Lower Saxony (for applicants already living in Lower Saxony)
  • the determination of equivalence and the application for a professional licence are separate procedures

Lower Saxony Ministry of the Interior and Sport

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