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Distance learning courses: admission

Distance learning courses which are not exclusively for leisure and entertainment must be approved by the State before they can be offered.

Before admission, distance learning courses are checked to see whether the specified course objective can be achieved with the distance learning course.

Distance vocational training courses must be consistent with the objectives of vocational education and training under the Vocational Training Act (BBiG) or other vocational education and training legislation in terms of content, duration or objective and how they are implemented. Both the technical side and the didactic access are examined. In addition, advertising and information, agency activities and the drafting of contracts must meet the requirements of the Distance Learning Protection Act (FernUSG).

Approved distance learning courses receive an approval seal with an approval number. The organizers must list this approval number in the information material as a verifiable indication of the state approval granted.

The responsibility lies with the State Central Office for Distance Education (ZFU).

This procedure can also be carried out through a "Point of Single Contact". The "Point of Single Contact" is a special service offered by municipalities and the state for service providers.

No documents are required.

There are fees according to the General Administrative Fee Regulations (AVerwGebO NRW).

Constructive Approval: 3 Months
on receipt of the complete dossier

Processing Time: 3 Months
§ 12a Distance Learning Protection Act (FernUSG)

Ministry of Culture of Lower Saxony

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)