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Provision of the service under the designation Consulting Engineer from abroad Advertisement again

The professional title "Consulting Engineer" is protected in Lower Saxony. You are planning to work as a "consulting engineer" and have neither a place of residence nor a professional establishment in Germany. Then you are obliged to report this activity to the competent authority. However, this only applies if a year has passed since the last advertisement.

Process flow

  • Download the form online and print it.
  • Fill out the form and add the necessary supporting documents.
  • Submit the application documents to the Lower Saxony Chamber of Engineers
  • You will either receive confirmation that your notification has been made or the prohibition of the provision of the service

Who should I contact?

The responsibility lies with the Lower Saxony Chamber of Engineers

Which documents are required?

  • re-display
  • possibly documents, if significant changes have occurred in the situation attested to in the documents submitted so far.

What are the fees?

There are no fees.

What deadlines do I have to pay attention to?

There are no deadlines to be observed.

Legal basis

§§ 12, 13 Lower Saxony Engineering Act (NIngG)

Technically approved by

Lower Saxony Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour, Transport and Digitalisation

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Linie6PLus)