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Getting a certificate of successful participation in instruction for security personnel

Instruction is provided at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and comprises at least 40 hours of lessons during which you must be present without any absences. Among other things, you will receive instruction on your legal rights and obligations as a security guard, along with techniques for dealing with people in conflict situations.

As instruction is provided in German, your language skills should be at least CEFR level B1 (CEFR: Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Following the instruction, and in order to receive the certificate, you will be required to answer written and oral questions demonstrating your comprehension of course content. When you are awarded the certificate, you will also be entered into the Register of Security Personnel.

To open a security firm, or to work in certain areas such as refugee shelters, discothèques or other public places, you will be required to take the more extensive examination of expertise for the security industry.

If you have qualifications in a relevant profession that requires formal training, for example as a protection and security specialist, you will not need to provide additional proof of completion of the instruction.

Process flow

Instruction in security services is provided and certified by the IHK.

  • You register for security instruction at a IHK
  • Instruction is provided by the IHK, is oral and lasts approximately 40 hours.
  • After participation without any absences, you receive the certificate
  • Notification of award of certificate will also be communicated to the Register of Security Personnel.

Afterwards, you are allowed to be employed as a security guard.

Competent authority

Please contact the Chamber of Industry and Commerce responsible for you.


  • German skills equivalent to level B1 within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Which documents are required?

  • Official photo ID for identification
  • Potentially additional documents as well; please contact your IHK for additional details

What are the fees?

Ask the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) regarding fees. The exact amount can be found in the fee schedule of the respective IHK.

What deadlines do I have to pay attention to?

  • Please note any registration deadlines set by the IHK
  • Proof of completed instruction remains valid indefinitely.

Processing duration

  • Duration of instruction: approx. 40 hours
  • The certificate will be issued directly or within a few days.

Legal basis

§ 34a Absatz 1a Nr 2 Gewerbeordnung (GewO)
Art. 34a (1a) No 2 German Trade Regulation Act (GewO)


§ 4 - 8 Verordnung über das Bewachungsgewerbe (BewachV)
Art. 4 - 8 Security Industry Regulation (BewachV)

Applications / forms

- Forms: IHK registration form

- Online procedure: For registration only

- Written form requirement as per German Civil Code Art.126: no

- Appearance in person required: yes, for instruction

Technically approved by

Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce

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