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Apply for a driving school permit

Anyone who trains persons who wish to obtain a licence to drive motor vehicles (learner drivers) requires a driving instructor's licence. The driving instructor's licence is issued on application in class BE and additionally in classes A, CE and DE. The driving instructor licence may only be used together with the driving school licence or in the context of an employment or training relationship with the owner of a driving school. If several classrooms are operated, a branch permit must be applied for for each additional room. You must come to the application in person. Substitution is not possible.

Process flow

You must apply in writing to the competent licensing authority for the issuance of a driving school permit. The licensing authority of your place of residence has territorial jurisdiction, in the absence of a place of residence, that of your place of residence, in the absence of a place of residence and a place of residence, that of your intended place of employment. In order to be able to complete the procedure quickly, it is above all necessary to submit all necessary documents or documents to the licensing authority as completely as possible. The information from the Central Traffic Register is provided by the licensing authority.

Due to the complexity of the requirements for a driving school permit, it is recommended to go to the relevant authority in person.

Competent authority

Rural districts and independent cities, large independent cities, independent municipalities


  • Minimum age 25 years
  • There must be no facts that make him or her appear unreliable for the management of a driving school.
  • There must be no facts that justify the assumption that the applicant cannot fulfil the obligations under § 16 FahrlG.
  • Possess a driving instructor's licence for the class for which he or she is applying for a driving school licence.
  • full-time activity as a driving instructor of at least 2 years as part of an employment relationship with the owner of a driving school
  • Participation in a course of at least 70 hours of 45 minutes on driving school business administration.
  • Availability of the necessary classroom, the necessary teaching materials and the training vehicles required for driving training.

Which documents are required?

If you want to apply for a driving school licence, you must submit a written application to the competent licensing authority, stating the name and address of the future driving school and for which class(s) of motor vehicles you wish to obtain the driving school licence. In addition, the application must be accompanied by:

  • Identity card or passport with registration certificate
  • an officially certified copy or photocopy of the driving instructor's license
  • Documents on the activity as a driving instructor
  • a certificate from a provider of a driving school business management course stating that the course has been attended
  • an explanation of whether and by which authority a driving school licence has already been issued
  • a scale plan of the classrooms with information about your equipment
  • a statement that the necessary teaching materials are available
  • a list of the number and type of training vehicles.
  • You must also apply for the issuance of a certificate of good conduct of the OH document type for submission to the licensing authority in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Central Register Act.

What are the fees?

Fee: 102,00 EUR
Payment in advance: No
For natural persons

Fee: 153,00 EUR
Payment in advance: No
for legal entities, according to No. 302.3 of the Appendix to § 1 GebOSt.

What deadlines do I have to pay attention to?

There are deadlines to be observed. Please contact the responsible licensing authority.


In Lower Saxony, a preliminary procedure is not provided for by § 80 of the Lower Saxony Justice Act. Therefore, no objection is admissible. Rather, administrative court action must be brought directly.

What else should I know?

By way of derogation from Paragraph 11(1)(3) to (5) of the FahrlG, an applicant for a driving school licence who is the holder of a driving instructor's licence issued in another State which entitles the holder to self-employed learner driving training in that State or a certificate of competence for independent learner driving training shall be granted a driving school licence for the class applied for if the conditions for the issue of a driving instructor licence issued by the class under this Act and the ordinances issued pursuant to this Act. If the previous driving instructor's licence entitles the holder to the temporary and occasional training of learner drivers, a corresponding addition will be added in accordance with Section 2a (1) sentence 2 of the Driving Act. If the qualification acquired so far differs from the requirements prescribed in Germany for taking up the position of driving instructor and the difference is not compensated for by knowledge acquired by the applicant in the course of his professional experience, the issue of the driving instructor's licence may be made dependent on participation in an adaptation course or an aptitude test in accordance with Paragraph 2a(2) of the FahrlG. The same applies to the issue of a driving licence for the purpose of temporary and occasional learner driving training, which, pursuant to Paragraph 2a(3) of the FahrlG, may be made subject to a prior aptitude test if there are substantial differences between the applicant's professional qualification and the training and examination required in Germany. The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure has laid down more detailed requirements for the content and timing of the adaptation period as well as for the implementation of the aptitude test in the Implementing Ordinance to the Driving Instructors Act. Accordingly, the applicant must prepare written exercises and give theoretical and practical trial lessons during the adaptation period of no more than three years. The subject of the adaptation course is the special features of German road traffic law and conditions as well as the German driving instructor law. The adaptation course is carried out by the driving instructor training centres recognised in accordance with § 22 of the Driving Instructor Act. Participation in the adaptation period can be replaced by successful participation in an aptitude test. The aptitude test consists of a written and oral proficiency test as well as teaching samples in theoretical and practical driving lessons. With the exception of Section 17 thereof, the Professional Qualifications Assessment Act does not apply.

  • In the case of a legal entity (e.g. GmbH, UG), a legal representative of the legal entity (e.g. managing director of a GmbH or UG) must be appointed to responsibly manage the training company.
  • According to the articles of association, this person must generally be the sole representative or the sole representative for the management of the driving school training business and must meet the above-mentioned personal and factual requirements.
  • According to the circumstances, in particular taking into account the professional obligations, the responsible management must guarantee that the obligations under § 16 FahrlG are fulfilled.

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Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)