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List of foreign companies Registration

The use of the professional title "Consulting Engineer" in the name or in the company name of the company is protected in Niederachsen. A company that is neither entered in the list of consulting engineers (at the registered office of the company in Lower Saxony) nor in the corresponding list in another federal state (at the registered office of the company in the other federal state) may, as an external company, use the professional title "Consulting Engineer" in Lower Saxony in its name or in its company, if it is entered in the list of foreign companies or in the corresponding directory in another federal state.

Process flow

An application for entry in the list of foreign companies must be submitted in writing or online using the form provided. The supporting documents referred to under "Required documents" must be attached to the application.

Who should I contact?

The responsibility lies with the Chamber of Engineers of Lower Saxony.


  • Activity of the company in Lower Saxony
  • Authority of the company under the law of the State in which it has its registered office to use the professional title "Consulting Engineer" or a similar designation in its name or company name
  • Purpose of the company: the exclusively independent and self-responsible exercise of the professional task of engineers within the meaning of § 2 NIngG
  • Capital shares may not be held for the account of third parties
  • Consulting engineers hold at least half of the capital and voting shares in their name and other shares are held only by natural persons who are members of a liberal profession.
  • At least half of the persons authorised to manage the company are consulting engineers
  • Voting rights may not be exercised on behalf of third parties
  • the transfer of capital and shares is subject to the approval of the company
  • Proof of adequate professional indemnity insurance
  • the good repute required for the profession of the persons authorised to manage the business

Further details can be found in § 18 NIngG (see legal basis).

Which documents are required?

  • List of shareholders
  • Copy of the articles of association
  • Proof of registration with the commercial register
  • up-to-date proof of the existence of professional liability insurance
  • All documents in non-German must be accompanied by a translation, which must be confirmed by a publicly appointed and sworn translator.
  • Statement of Reliability

Please have all the necessary documents ready for the electronic application. Without the complete documentation, you will not be able to complete the electronic application process and submit your application.

What are the fees?

300 € one-time registration fee.

What deadlines do I have to pay attention to?

There are no deadlines to be observed.

Processing duration

A maximum of three months after receipt of the complete documents

Applications / forms

Applications can be submitted to the Chamber of Engineers of Lower Saxony at any time in writing or online.

  • Forms for download
  • Online procedure:
    Link to the online application
  • Personal appearance not required


Administrative court action

What else should I know?

Technically approved by

Chamber of Engineers of Lower Saxony

Professionally released on



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