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Playground equipment with the possibility of winning Confirmation of the installation site

Traders may only set up playground equipment that is equipped with a technical device influencing the outcome of the game and that offers the possibility of winning (winning goods, winnings of money) if the competent authority gives them permission to do so.

In addition, it must be proven for each installation location that the selected location is suitable for this purpose. The competent authority shall issue a confirmation of this. In addition to the general installation permit, this confirmation is a prerequisite for installation at the individual installation site.

Who should I contact?

The responsibility lies with the municipality, the joint municipality and the city.

This procedure can also be handled by a "Point of Single Contact". The "Point of Single Contact" is a special service offered by the municipalities and the state for service providers.

Which documents are required?

  • If applicable, identity card or passport
  • Business advertisement
  • Installation permit
  • Type approval

The competent authority may request the submission of further documents in individual cases.

What are the fees?

The amount of the fees is determined - in accordance with Annex 1 to § 1 paragraph 1 of the General Fee Schedule of the State of Lower Saxony No. - depending on the time spent. However, a maximum of EUR 76.00 will be charged.

What deadlines do I have to pay attention to?

Deadlines may have to be observed. Please contact the competent authority.

Technically approved by

Lower Saxony Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Transport

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)