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Supplementary school, apply for state recognition

As the sponsor of a notified supplementary school in Lower Saxony, you can apply for recognition of your school.

If a vocational supplementary school provides complete training for a specific profession, recognition can allow students to be entitled to use the addition "examined" in front of the professional title acquired at your school.

Process flow

  • After the application documents have been submitted to the Regional State Office for School and Education, it checks the completeness and correctness of the application documents and, if all requirements are met, grants recognition.
  • If necessary, missing or incorrect documents can be requested.
  • If you have any questions about the recognition procedure, you can contact the Regional State Office for Schools and Education.


  • Teaching according to an approved curriculum
  • Final examination according to approved examination regulations chaired by a representative of the school authority

In the case of supplementary schools of general education:

  • The "International Baccalaureate Diplome/Diplôme du Baccalauréat International" is awarded

In the case of supplementary vocational schools:

School attendance serves as training for a specific profession.

Which documents are required?

Please attach the following documents / information to the written application:

  • School authority (name, legal form, contact details)
  • Specific name of the supplementary school for which the award is applied for
  • Date of confirmation of the notification of the supplementary school pursuant to § 158 (2) NSchG by the competent school authority
  • Date of commencement of school operations
  • Current list of pupils/number of pupils
  • Overview of the teachers with evidence of their qualifications and details of subjects / learning areas in which their assignment is intended.
  • Information on the school management (proof of qualification, extended certificate of good conduct)
  • Curriculum indicating the duration of the training and the number of hours of instruction
  • Examination regulations
  • in the case of general education schools:
    Is the "International Baccalaureate Diplome / Diplôme du Baccalauréat International" awarded as a school-leaving certificate at the supplementary school?
  • in the case of vocational schools:
    What profession does the training in the supplementary school serve for?
  • If applicable, additional information for training centres for alternative practitioners
    (Is there comprehensive training in at least three of the treatment options that occur not only sporadically in the alternative practitioner system and what treatment options are involved?)

What are the fees?

  • Procedural fee
  • If necessary, additional costs for necessary documents or expert opinions

In Lower Saxony, the administrative fee is based on the time spent. The cost schedule for the General Fee Schedule provides for a fee framework (as of Nov. 2020: €350 to €2,000)

What deadlines do I have to pay attention to?

Attention: internal deadline according to § 161 Abs. 4 NSchG

If the school authority has not decided on an application for recognition no later than three months after the complete documents have been submitted, recognition shall be deemed to have been granted.

Processing duration

approx. 3 months (provided that the application documents are complete)

Applications / forms

An application would have to be submitted in writing or electronically (signed in pdf format)


In the event of a refusal of the requested recognition, administrative recourse is open.

The refusal is accompanied by a specific instruction on legal remedies, from which the deadline for filing a complaint and the competent administrative court can be seen.

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Lower Saxony Ministry of Culture


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